Refund And Return Policy

Refund And Returns

Returns: Buyer must contact us within 7 days after delivery. We accept returns up to 14 days which means you have 14 days after delivery to send it back. The item/s must arrive/returned to us in 21 days from the day the buyer claims to return the item/s. The item/s must be in the same condition as it was sent, unworn, unused and without any damages.

Before we ship any item/s, to assure that the item is sent without any damages, we perform 3 steps inspection. The first inspection is done by our workshop who will eventually re-touch the item if there are noticeable handcrafted imperfections (once again we would like to remind you that you are purchasing an entirely handmade product). Then the item returns to our storage facility and is inspected for the second time. The item/s will then be passed to the shipper logistics who re-inspect the item before packaging it and shipping it.

When we receive your returned item/s, it will be inspected to assure that we receive the item/s in the same condition as it was sent. As soon as the return gets approved we will process the refund on your original payment method.

Buyer pay return shipping cost: We apply the same standard return policy used by the most known online marketing platforms. Returns are always an inconvenience because it involves extra work and a loss for all parties.
For us having a return means that you were not happy with our product/s and it hurt our feelings. Beside that, there will be extra work and a loss to our expenses were involved in the process to ship your order. The buyer that decided to return an item/s will cover all the expenses for the re-packaging and shipping cost.

Refunds if the item/s arrived damaged: Please, understand that we are not the shipping company. The shipping company acts as a third-party between the buyer (you) and the seller (us) and same as you, once the item is shipped, we hope that those shipping companies are providing the service promised. As we do many inspections to the item/s before it is shipped, we are assuring that the product/s we sent has no damages.
If you received a damaged item, it happened during the shipping (not by us) and the shipper must be responsible to cover their damage/s (not us). With your cooperation, we will follow-up the process to fill the damage-claim-request with the shipper who will perform a simple inspection of the item/s and accept or deny the claim.
Note: Unfortunately there were buyers in the past that were purposely slightly damaging the item in an inconspicuous area where the damage did affect the product look and/or functionality, then request the refund to us and/or the shipper and keep the item/s. The shippers know those unfair games and that’s why we rely on their expertise to decide if the claim is valid or not.

As soon as the shipper approves the claim, we will process the full refund of your order without asking any questions.

More info is also available in the Shipping Policy page.