Lovely Wall Hanging Decor Human Hero Statue

The Wall Climbing Heros


Everyone Loves This Hanging Decor

They are heros, fun and eye-catching. Everybody loves these cool climbing men sculptures. A simple hanging decor to personalize your space and a conversational art to entertaining your friends

Decorative Art for Any Space

An ornament that fits anywhere and makes you admire a cool decoration rather than keep looking at that boring empty wall section. Or, maybe you noticed an empty wall section at your friend’s home, so why not make a unique gift for them?

How Is It Made?

These are entirely handmade by artisans that still handcraft art in the old fashion way and using the basic tools. Watch our videos on “Our Story” page or get more info on Wikipedia

The image quality may vary on different screen devices and screen setting. The display images are for demonstration purposes. Due to handmade/handcrafted processing and materials used for the construction of this product, measurements/colors may slightly vary which makes each item to be a unique piece of art.

Material: Alloy Brass/Bronze
Handmade: Cold Cast Metalwork Technique
Occasions: Birthday, Celebration, Anniversary, Yoga Fanatic
Collectible: Limited Edition
Measurements: 5 In x 3 In | 13Cm x 8Cm


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