Fabulous Vintage Bathtub For The Princess

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A Dream That Became Reality

An amazing design for the princess’s bathtub. xxx jestic elegance makes this sculpture deserve such a name. A masterpiece that creates an environment with dimension anywhere is displayed. A functional elegant art that will enrich the style of your entire bathroom. It can add more uses of your patio/garden. A unique sculpture to create a cosy atmosphere in your bedroom. Imagine yourself soaking inside this gorgeous bathtub, in a full relaxing state of peace and while zipping your favorite wine. Think outside the big-box store products – This is a unique bathtub sculpture that will transform your space into a haven of sophistication, visual delight and experience the joy of living with an object to admire everyday. You just found the perfect handcrafted piece of hardware to complete your dream. Would you let it go?

Determine What inspires You

Seeing other models can help you in visualizing which bathtub style will fit best in your home. Sometimes just a simple personalization will make a big difference. Consider one of the premium finishes (refers to the final coating applied to the hardware which also protects your investment) and enhance the luxury of its appearance. To match your desired look and the final achievement, carefully choose what may be right material to be used. These are made in copper, brass or a combination (Wikipedia provides great info about copper and brass materials). Keep an open mind – Keep it with an unembellished look or, evaluate the many possibilities of incorporating your custom preference. Express yourself by give a personal touch to your creation.

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Made To Order Details?

The endless custom options available and every singular request from piece to piece, makes it impossible for us to keep a stock of every single model. Depending on the model you choose, we may have the base frame already prefabricated, meaning a raw bathtub body with anything attached. Upon an order is received, all the pieces will be custom handcrafted, builded and combined to create your custom design.
Commissioning a one-of-a-kind creation from a talented craftsman is rewarding. It’s a way to acquire an heirloom-quality work of art tailored to your unique style. A custom handcrafted piece of fine art lends a luxe, bespoke feel to your living space that the big-box manufactured companies simply cannot achieve.
Be open to discuss any details with us. Provide measurements, photos, sketches or digital designs of what you would like to achieve. It will help to better picture what project idea you have in mind. Other info you should be informed and understand of what is the timeline to build your custom creation, how the shipping process works, the time to be delivered, the cost and what is feasible within your budget. This functional sculpture will last forever but you must be willing to be flexible – Good art takes time. In the end result you’ll achieve an original piece that becomes the vibrant focal point of your home. It will exceed your expectations


As you have seen, adding elegant art objects to your living space can transform the ambiance and the feelings of your home. Surrounding yourself with such an incredible sculpture that speaks to you and reflects your unique style and personality, will evoke emotion and greatly enhance your daily experience in the place you call home. Make your space a personal gallery and retreat – You owe it to yourself, it brings you joy and the rewards of living with functional art is well worth the investment

The image quality may vary on different screen devices and screen setting. The display images are for demonstration purposes. Due to handmade/handcrafted processing and materials used for the construction of this product, measurements/colors may slightly vary which makes each item to be a unique piece of art.

Product/Listing in construction... Please come back soon..!

Material: Copper, Brass or a combination
Handmade: Hand Crafted Metalwork
Occasions: Bathroom Remodel, New Improvements, Toilette Re-Design, Bathroom Upgrade

  • Length 78.5 In | 170 Cm
  • Width 29.5 In | 75 Cm
  • Height 27.5 In | 70 Cm


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