Elegant Bathtubs

The Vintage style is the new trend

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The King


An extraordinary work of art. This incredible master piece deserve the name of King in every aspect

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A magnificent works of art to incorporate elegant into your living space and elevate a house into a home

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Spaghetti Western


The cowboy style bathtub is a unique piece of art that transforms your living space into an elegant retreat

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Your Investment Is Assured

The workshop has been making these metalworks for generations and growing their expertise through the years. Every piece is accurately inspected to assure everything turned out perfect. A second quality inspection is performed before the product leaves the workshop. The shipping managed by professional logistic cargo will also inspect the product before packaging (wood box/frame) and guarantee your item is delivered at your door without any issues.

Fully Customizable

You hear right…. These beautiful metal sculptures are handmade and can be entirely customized. You can choose one of the displayed models or get inspired to unleash your creativity and customize the way you like it. As per your request, those can be made bigger or smaller, in different shaopes, in copper or brass or combine the two materials and keep the color of the natural metal or get it coated… You tell us what you prefer and we will create for you.

What Next?

Click one of the displayed bathtubs to be directed to the page where you can get more details and look at more pictures. There is a form and as per your choice, you can select different options to customize what you like or just provide basic info and send to us. We will check your request and provide you with a quote.

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