About Us

About Azzaluna

It all started from a simple idea to design items and sculptures to a local metalwork artisan store in Bali. It did not take long to realize that those products were really appreciated by the many tourists visiting Bali. That gave the idea to promote those products online and make them available to be purchased worldwide.

Azzaluna came out in 2015 when we started to promote and sell a few of those products through marketing platforms. Today, we still have products listed for sale on some of those platforms and there we collected many positive reviews, great feedback, 5 star customer service… You name it !

We now own our website which allows us to better manage our stock, offer products that we could not promote in those marketing platforms and definitely, as we have the freedom to manage our own site, we are able to offer more discounts and great on sale items.

What we love most at Azzaluna are unique and unusual products that catch the eye’s attention. It can be decorative hardware, a cool display ornament, something a little weird… Are we talking too much?

Some items are in limited edition and better not waste time… Let’s go get something cool as the last piece may be gone at any time..!

Thank you for shopping
Azzaluna Team